Dunster, Fox, Dubin, Sulla and Money Laundering

The below photos are not intended in any way to insinuate guilt or innocence or lead the reader to believe that because a photo is there the individual is included in allegations against Mr. Dunster or Mr. Fox or certain lawyers who represent them.

These photographs are simply some of Dunster’s enterprise, colleagues, lawyers, innocent contacts and of course a victim or two. The photographs were taken from public internet access sites.

The photo’s are only to associate a name mentioned in an article or document with a visible description.  For instance Mr. and Mr. Deluz are respectable citizens who have been victim victimized.  Others may claim the same status but possibly are not. That is what this blog is about. Dunster and Fox and some that work for them  could not perform certain illegalities without assistance. We are accumulating a list of these people and exactly how and what they have done to assist the accumu-lation of wealth at the expense of others and then hide this wealth from the eyes of our US Government.  Please be reminded that an actual complaint has been made with the US Federal Government with certain specific allegations.  One being violations of the Federal RICO Act.  As more information becomes available we intend to include it in this blog.  There are some very reliable people providing information that is 99% backed up with evidence. Not withstanding the Dunster Domestic violence incident, this was reported because there was a concerted effort to keep it from the public and evidence of this incident rests solely with the reporter just as Dunster’s wife’s statements at the seen are the only testament that the incident actually occurred.  Conveniently, no police report exists. We are the source of this information and are making it public and stand by it.

0    Andrew-Callister-3632271 220     Betsey Maler     francis wong photo     John Farias     John Henshaw    Photographer: Ross D. Hamamura -
   Fox                           Callister                   Maler                   Wong                   Farias                 Henshaw             Manriki
Lewis M Rothstein      Christopher Muzzi Lawyer      William Gilliam      Suzzane D Case     Mary ellen markley 2      Randall Mau      Rosenstein
Rothstein             Muzzi                Gilliam               Case     M. Markley      R. Mau         Rosenstein

David DeLuz and wife.     nicholas_monlux_Lawyer  Elisa Yadao Bishop Est  Jil Hamasaki     lawyer_stephen_jones_   Richard Lindberg

Mr & Mrs Deluz               N. Monlux            Elisa Yadao                    Jil Hamasaki                       S. Jones                  Lindberg

Mike Wilson




Old activites new post:

12/6/2019–  Number one; Began 2015. Justice is slow but determined. And now info is beginning to be leaked. Re: this site?=Tax evasion first. Pack your bags.  Its coming. NY.


Paul Sulla former law partner of Mr. Dubin.  Sulla is one of a Hawaii big island Grand Jury subjects and the first indicted. Sulla has been the subject of land grab scams, money laundering, hiding funds in off shore accounts for many years who lost his licence to practice law in California and was sentenced to prison.  More info cannot immediately be released.


Unlucky and Unclean: How Not to Steal House 13


The irony of all of this is that Mr. Dunster and presumably Mr. Fox are doing everything they can to prevent any intrusion into their business operations and have become paranoid that their computers and or cell phones have been hacked by SPIV.  This could not be further from the truth. Unlike Dunster, Fox and their girl Friday, we are law abiding investigative journalists and have no need to do the things that Dunster and Fox are paranoid about. But this paranoia speaks of the existence of sinister information that might be uncovered should their electronic equipment actually be hacked.  Dunster originally came into our radar via his money laundering activities that were revealed in the ‘Panama Papers’ when he tried to conceal his money. We were not really looking into him, it was Dubin that we were interested in.

As previously reported, we have actual evidence that Dunster’s lawyer Christopher Muzzi and Rudy Mician conspired to and likely did hack this site to try to get information as to who and how our information has been obtained. We will never reveal our methods (all legal) to Mr. Dunster or Mr. Fox and they cannot be found by any hackers that Dunster hires in the future.

Dunster and Fox, however, should be more concerned with the abilities of the Federal Government to intrude into their electronic equipment. This is old technology by Federal standards.

For instance in 2005 “Planes carrying gear that when flown close to a cell phone tower allowed those on board to log in passively and see a real-time record of every phone making a call and  then personnel could search for numbers in which they were interested, and the data base would tell them if those phones were in use and if so where. At that point an electronic ‘divining rod’ would be used to detect a specific phone. This equipment could even detect a cell phone that had been turned off.”

This information was taken from a book written by Sean Naylor who is a journalist  reports on ISOC operations.  Does anyone really believe that if the Feds could do this in 2005, that their abilities haven’t evolved and progressed since then? What about modems? How about those? (old technology today)

Is it possible that those who use techniques to avoid the legal intrusion by Federal entities, into their electronic equipment can prevent this by simply changing equipment URLs or using VPNs? Do these people  believe that the intrusion begins at the actual target?

It’s way too late for people who believe its possible to hide  assets or  documents and communications.

We believe here at SPIV that if there is an  intrusion into Dunster’s and Fox’s equipment and documents, it  began at the point of committed crimes. Not necessarily crimes committed by Dunster or Fox but possibly crimes committed by others on behalf of Dunster and Fox. For instance who do we know that conspired to hack a website or assisted in laundering funds? Who does SPIV know about that is connecting with certain Hawaii and Federal government agencies and presenting fraudulent information on  documents or offering gratuities?  If SPIV knows these things we guarantee the IG knows too.

It’s likely that Fox and in particular Henshaw are  intelligent enough to realize that an ‘arms length’ distance or any distance for that matter will not protect them  from being accused of RICO activities.   It’s just a matter of time before its “every man for himself”. The more information that is received and published at SPIV the less time the guilty have to get out of Dodge or make a call to the Feds to save themselves.


This reporting  has not stopped working. Nor has Mr. Dunster’s antics.

The Clean Air Branch Hawaii Department of Health and the Feds. were contacted re: a FOIA request that was made some time ago. Records dating back to 1993 were requested to validate some of Dunster’s business dealings re: Carbon credits, and Forrest related activities. It appears that the relationship between certain permits,carbon credits and forestry in Hawaii and Dunster’s business dealings are questionable. (According to the HI Clean Air Branch.)

It seems that some of Mr. Dunster’s claims in the Deluz civil action are not correct.  Information has surfaced regarding a possible attempt to influence the testimony of certain witnesses in the Deluz vs Dunster civil case by Dunster himself.

Of interest are the recent police contact with Jeffrey Dunster and his daughter’s arrest Chloe.

” Police were called on Jeff Dunster Monday July 15, 2019 around 11:00 pm.  They responded to domestic violence abuse at 4999 Ave., Honolulu, Hi 96816.  Jeffrey Dunster was removed that night from his home as a result of his actions”  A recent correction was made re: Dunster’s contact with police. It was erroneously assumed that Dunster was arrested for Domestic Violence as he had choked his wife. Anyone else would have been arrested,  this offense is a mandatory arrest in many jurisdictions. But apparently its ok to choke your wife in Hawaii and so  Dunster was not arrested and charged with a crime.

Federal law states that some privileges can be lost as a result of Domestic Violence Arrests in the United States, except Hawaii?

A correction in the Dunster report is made without appology.

On June 19th, 2019 Chloe Dunster, Jefferey Dunster’s daughter was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. (OVUII) She was released and was required to surrender her license to Drive.  Chloe holds a prominent position in the Dunster enterprises. Chloe Dunster


Hope you all had a very nice 4th celebration. New info has come to light that is very, very serious. We will post it at the right time. People in civil or criminal court shall not lie to the court nor shall they produce fraudulent docs to the court.


We waited for Mr. Dunster, Mr. Muzzi, Mr. Rothstein, Mr. Henshaw and all the others who know about RICO crimes. We have been patiently waiting for our site to be hacked again. What happened? Possibly someone new is involved?

In the mean time, the information just keeps pouring in. Today we know that Dunster’s legal problems are not going to be so good for him and his legal advisers. Especially if they  happen to prevail in their attempt to screw Mr. Deluz. (this story will come soon.) It seems Dunster’s legal holy grail includes the difference between the phrases Carbon credit vs Carbon tax credit?  (Depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is.)

We don’t believe the Feds know about this yet. But they likely will, when the time is right and then its likely that  Dunster and his team will be trapped.  Does 2010 ring a bell?  It should.  Dunster’s history is not veiled nor is it limited to the state if Hawaii.    Much more coming. These  journalistic posts are now in real time.

June 24. 2019

The Dunster crowd, including lawyers are getting edgy. They don’t like the things posted here. They don’t like the truth getting out to the public.  A simple assumption is that they are going to hack the site again. That is a crime and now it could be a Federal crime since this site info was used as evidence in a Federal IG complaint. So this is a message to all of the members of the Dunster enterprise who are concerned, specifically Dunster’s lawyers and of course Jeffrey Dunster. We are just getting started. Information is coming in almost too fast to handle All of the information here has been stored and is easily reproduced. You cannot do anything to this site without leaving tracks to the source.  We already have identified some of you such as Mr. Mician. We will not forget him and his colleagues. To those of you who proceed with efforts to change or eliminate items on this site, don’t be foolish. Dunster and his lawyers will throw you under the bus in a New York minute. Mr. Dubin does the bus throwing himself. .  And we can reproduce whats on this site quicker than a New York minute. We want the decision makers, not some foolish hacker but if you are a persistent hacker,we can accommodate you also. You will go down much easier than Mr. Dunster and Mr. Dubin and their lawyers. Nothing will be forgotten. The truth will prevail.

Tampering with evidence

June 22, 2019

2018 Hawaii Free Press-Dunster Carbon Scam

2015 Rain Forrest Alliance HLH_Initial_Certification_Audit_report_FINAL “approved” despite vague, incorrect and misleading information provided by Dunster

2016 Suzzane D Case – HI Department of Land and Natural Resources collects HCR121_TESTIMONY_WAL_03-21-16_in favor of Dunster and HLH.

Timber and Carbon ponzi schemes are not new to the SEC and Federal DOJ. Gary Dubin, an estranged “partner” of Dunster has a history riddled with imprisonment, loss of licenses and allegations of fraud  is currently fighting to keep his license to practice law in HI.

June 20, 2019

Prior IG Complaint has surfaced

Very good news and encouraging to see that others are looking into this RICO enterprise.

IG letter redacted

Looks like we were not the only complaints made against those mentioned in this document.
It will be interesting to see, once the questioning and federal document searches begin, who will want to “make a deal”  Its probably too late to hide or destroy evidence and anything that happens after this post will aid the Feds in charging destruction of evidence or obstruction of justice. We at SPIV are potential witness and certainly complainants.
We are aware of hacking attempts at gaining access to our files and names of persons who supplied them on this site and have the name of at least one person who did this.. You know who you are. We have evidence. This is a sign that those guilty of corruption and money laundering are beginning to panic.  We have one whistle blower and there will be more, especially as our suspicions of governmental corruption, payoffs, money laundering begin to be verified.  Our list of persons of interest is getting longer.
We think we know where the money is going and what stops it makes before it gets there and how its being extracted. We don’t know all of the fake companies yet, are especially interested in the Carbon Credit scam and who’s getting paid off to make this work. We are hot on the trail. We also know about a sizable ‘line of credit’ that Dunster is flaunting. But what is the colateral?  Soon we will know that also.
Here’s a list of some of the people we believe are participants in RICO crimes or have intimate knowledge of these crimes.   Lawyers are not protected from participating in money laundering.   We encourage anonymous input and docs. If you want absolution, go to church. If you want immunity, call the DOJ and talk about it. If you want justice or want to assist in stopping these criminals, send us your stuff. If your a participant in the Tree or Carbon scams you are or soon will be on the DOJ list.  The more time goes by, the less likely you are to get any sympathy from the DOJ. The protection in Hawaii granted by the Clinton and Obama presidencies is eroding and soon you will all be on your own and left to fend for yourselves. We all know what happens at that point. The finger pointing begins. So the fact that your on the below list is a tesiment to the depth of our research and we are just beginning to hit pay dirt.
Lewis Rothstein,Jeffrey Dunster,Darrel Fox, Andrew Callister, Betsey Maler, Rudhy Mician, Christopher Muzil, John Farias, John Henshaw, Kylie NOELANI manriki, Steven Rinesmith, Francis Wong, Susan D Case, Joseph Souza, William Gilliam, Annette Kaghelaulii, Maryellen Markey, Gwendolyn Chung, Randall Mau, Gary Dubin,  Long Vu, Hawaii Community Foundation, Nicholas Monlux, Steve Jones, Elysa Yadao, David Deluz, Josephine Yadao,Peter Kubota, Paniolo Tonewoods, Treehouse Consulting, Pat Tummons, Richard Lindberg, Jeffrey Litvinoff, Lester Lee, Joy Miyamoto, Jerry Clay,Jason Hoopai, Joyce Miyamoto.Gwendolyn Chung,Jerry Clay, Kukaiau Ranch,Jan Mills and last but not least Mr. Kelvin Tekata who happens to be listed as a suspect in an application for a Grand Jury.  We have not forgotten about the Judges involved in this and their names will come later.
Quote of the day.
” The creation of carbon credits with any reputable market standard requires direct ownership of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG). Whoever owns the GHG rights can do whatever they want to with the carbon.” “We should steer clear of explicit contact with TNC-National/International for HLH-Carbon and let John guide us as he sees appropriate. But I want to have your insight on this. Engaging John for the purposes of monetizing carbon is not quite worth pursuing until there is a clear understanding of the realestate transactions that may or may not occcur.”

June 18, 2019

Whistle blower has surfaced!!

SPIV has learned that a complaint was filed with the US Inspector General some months ago and it appears that several people have come forward and  either provided additional information and or requested immunity.  We cannot verify this nor can we verify which Federal Agency was assigned the case by the IG  but will publish a list of possible persons soon.  We do have a copy of the IG acknowledgement letter and case number.

August 8, 2010

Hawaii Star Advertiser

Seed Money

Some in the koa industry scoff at Hawaiian Legacy’s projections and believe it is impossible to reasonably project lumber yields and future koa prices.

May 11, 2015

Nevada Public Radio

Using Investments to rebuild Hawaii’s Forrests?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hawaii Free Press

Lawsuits Close in on Hawaii’s Largest Carbon Credit Scheme

91 Coelho Way and Coelho Way Corporation (A Cook Islands entity)


U.S. Department of Justice
Office of the Inspector General
Investigations Division
1425 New York Ave NW , Suite 7100
Washington, DC 20530
To Whom it may Concern
This is a formal request for an investigation into certain actions and inaction’s taken by government entities within the United States Department of Justice, the Judicial Branch of the Federal Government and private entities.  The entities are specifically within the State of Hawaii however the alleged crimes occurred in the State of New York as well and Hawaii.  The following information was collected and verified by US Citizens who desire to remain anonymous.
Subjects identified in this inquiry:
                1.Jeffrey A. Dunster dba Coelho Way Corporation (an international Cook Island entity) and dba  Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, Ecotech Nurseries, JV Recovery, Div Recovery, Corporate Dynamics Inc., Inter-Continental Brokerage Corporation, JV Recovery, Financial   Telesis, Unity Chapel, Cook Island entity, Komatsu Investments, Synergistic Connections Inc.  (Delaware international corp) and other enterprises.
                2.  W. Lawrence Clapp (deceased)
                3. Gary Victor Dubin dba Green Tree Properties LLC (a defunct Nevada LLC), Dubin  Financial, and others
                4. Gregory Kamm (Associate, Greg Kamm, Kekaha Properties LLC)
                5. Darrel Fox (Co-owner with Jeffrey Dunster at Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods LLC and Hawaiian Legacy Restorations Initiative {HLRI} )
                6. Long Vu (attorney employed by Gary Victor Dubin) dba NUU Corporation (a defunct Nevada Corporation)
                7. James Hall Current owner of Green Tree Properties and 91 Coelho Way, Honolulu HI.
We are aware that the Inspector General’s Office of Investigations receives complaints and then forwards them to the appropriate agencies for follow up and or actual investigations.
The reason that this complaint is sent directly to the Inspector General’s office is because we have lost faith in the Hawaii US Attorney’s office, and the Hawaii FBI. Prior complaints have been made to these entities. These entities declined to investigate or did not respond to our inquiries in the past.
We present this request for an IG investigation in the good faith that action will be taken that may eventually result in a Grand Jury indictment of those who participated in the alleged crimes. We believe that the evidence presented here does not represent in totality all of the crimes committed by these people. We believe that much more attention to details is needed to eventually create a more logical scenario of the passage of money from the hands of the suspects through an entanglement of deeds, mortgages, and offshore entities designed to confuse and conceal where and how money was originated and who was finally the beneficiary.
Part of the motivation to look into the aforementioned acts were of course the discovery of the use of offshore entities known to historically benefit those in the United States that intend to defraud the United States Government. Secondarily the participants, in particular Gary Victor Dubin  has demonstrated a history of attempting to and sometimes successfully skirt laws  by engaging in legal activities that accent the letter of the law versus the spirit of the law and in doing so created a trail of unsuspecting victims. In this case Dubin elicited a junior lawyer in his firm, Long Vu, to assist him in using a shell corporation
 We also became aware of a request for a 2016 Grand Jury investigation into corruption in Hawaii that involved some of the same persons that we are alleging committed crimes. In this previous case a HI Federal Judge ,John Michael Seabright, squashed the request for a Grand Jury investigation into local police agencies and the Hawaii Attorney General’s Office by refusing to log the request as a submitted court document and then claiming he passed on the document to the Grand Jury when he did not.. Following Seabright’s actions a judicial complaint was made to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and was ruled ‘unfounded’. It now has been revealed that Judge Seabright’s wife as well as his head clerk worked for the Hawaii Attorney General’s Office who was listed as a defendant on this complaint. Of course Seabright’s wife’s married name is not listed as an employee of the HI AG. Seabright’s wife used her maiden name Margaret Sundho  Ahn.
Although the Judge Seabright case is remotely related to the complaint we submit to you today, it is an example of the unwillingness of the government agencies in Hawaii to maintain objectiveness and a dedication to the law when receiving citizen generated reported allegations of crimes. In the Seabright case his wife’s position with the HI DOJ  was possibly the reason that the request for a grand jury was squashed. It’s relatively easy to see the conflict of interest that Seabright had. Possibly there is even more to it than a conflict.  We believe that the fact that Judge Seabright refused to log in the Grand Jury request court documents  indicates an attempt to conceal and this inaction constituted an act outside and independent of his judicial duties.  It was a personal matter.  Also in this particular case one of the alleged defendants in the Detectives affidavit was Katherine Lloyd whose husband Hugh Jones was the Hawaii Attorney General. It’s our understanding that Jones attempted to personally vindicate his wife of any wrong doing . These allegations were never investigated.
 In light of the fact that our Constitution does not grant Judges the authority to ignore requests for Grand Jury investigations one can only ask why didn’t Seabright honor the request nor even log the request into the court pacer court case log system?
It’s becoming increasingly common to become aware of private citizens or organizations to take fighting corruption into their own hands. But even though organizations like Judicial Watch, Wikileaks, Consortium News, Open Secrets, Center for Public integrity and countless whistle blowers put privately investigated cases on silver platters for the Department of Justice, in too many cases, these cases are swept under the rug. It is our hope that the Inspector General will take this information seriously and proceed where we have left off.
Pertinent Federal Criminal Statutes
Our particular allegations in this request to the IG are of money laundering (18 U.S.C. 1956 &57), tax fraud (26 U.S. C. 6651),  Wire Fraud (U.S.C 18 941 – 1343), Mail fraud (18 U.S.C. 940 – 1341 and violations of the US RICO Act (18 U.S.C.1961-1968)
Working Hypothesis & Focus
We believe that an unbiased investigation conducted in one of the Federal Judicial Districts of New York  and not in the 9th Circuit jurisdiction  will be received unhindered and free from Hawaiian nefarious influences and ultimately  better serve the American justice system. In this case an IG investigation  may legitimize what has been presented here in this document and  reveal an ongoing unchecked criminal enterprise that has survived from 1988 to present.
This document is the assimilation of information obtained over the last two years and was influenced by information made public in 2013 when the Costa Rican news paper, La Nacion posted the ICU Offshore Leaks Database provided by the “Panama Papers’. This data base contained several persons and entities that were connected to one person. Jeffery Dunster, who lives in Hawaii. The Cook Island entity Coelho Way Corporation listed Jeffery Dunster as the registered agent whose address happened to be 91 Coelho Way Honolulu the same name as the Cook Islands entity the Coelho Way Corporation. There was also an entity, the Jian Ye Group Ltd a British Virgin Island entity that sold property to Margaret Dunster in Clifton Park New York.  Margaret Dunster later turned out to be Jeffery Dunster’s mother.
We became suspicious when researching the titles to the Hawaii and New York properties. Several of the above mentioned property titles were granted to numerous shell entities for less than ten dollars USD. The Hawaii property value was in excess of $600,000 and the New York property was similar. Given the fact that Cook Islands and the Virgin Islands entities are known to exist for the purpose of sheltering and protecting ill gotten assets or funds that were not taxed we thought that more investigation was in order.
There is reasonable proof that Jeffery Dunster purchased these two properties and immediately transferred ownership to the above offshore entities. In the case of the Hawaiian property he created the Cook Island entity, Coelho Way Corp, prior to the purchase of 91 Coelho Way Honolulu HI and the sale was made to this entity and not Dunster personally. Then, on the same day, the Coelho Way Corp granted Dunster control of the property via a power of attorney. After a period of time the Hawaiian property ownership was transferred back to US shell corporations for minimal amounts of money.
It is suspected that on each occasion when Dunster purchased the Hawaiian and New York properties the money used to consummate the purchases had not been reported on his tax returns.   Once the property was deeded to corporations in the United States, loans were taken out on the properties. In the case of the New York property Dunster literally loaned himself approximately $300,000.00 and placed a mortgage on the property after he transferred the title to the property into the name of a British Virgin Islands corporation, Jian Ye Group Limited, and addressed in China. In this way Dunster was able to “wash” his initial investment by loaning himself money on the property. Along the way Dunster had assistance from his colleagues, Lawyer Gary Victor Dubin, Gregory Kamm, Darrel Fox and lawyer Long Vu.
 One of the loans taken out on the Hawaiian property, after several transfers of ownership, was granted to Gary Victor Dubin by Wells Fargo Bank in the amount of two million dollars USD.  Dubin came into Dunster’s picture after being released from prison on a tax evasion conviction. (later overturned by the supreme court) but not before Dubin served almost two years in a Federal prison. The Hawaii Office of Disciplinary Council voted to disbar Dubin in February 2019.
Our suspicions of money laundering became reality when we discovered the divorce proceedings between Jeffrey Dunster and his wife Natalie in 1997.  In sworn court statements Natalie Dunster gave detailed descriptions of how her husband laundered their money. According to her, her husband Jeffery Dunster was making ‘millions of dollars in stock sale’ funneled this income into his off shore entities, Jeffery Dunster’s name is associated with numerous offshore entities listed in the Panama Papers. However some entities used to temporally hold property deeds are Nevada shell corporations. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) expelled Dunster as a broker related to these activities.
According to the Panama Papers and Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) the Cook Island, Coelho Way Corp (CWC) is a Corporation (id 5740) in the Cook Islands, a common asset protection country that has political ties to New Zealand.  Coelho Way Corporation was permitted by the Cook Islands, from 1992 to 2009 with some affiliations with Asiaciti Trust Pacific Limited, Jeff Dunster Corp, Temple Trust, and the Pascal Corporation. However, the Jian Ye Group Ltd is a British Virgin Islands entity.
Combining the information obtained from the Cook Islands the British Virgin Islands, the State of New York and Hawaiian government documents the following schedule of events has been assembled.
08-19-1988 Dunster and his mother mortgage 29 Riverview New York. Lender Citicorp Mortgage
09/15/1988  Jeffery Dunster granted his mother Margaret Dunster a comprehensive personal power of attorney.
09/19/1988 Stewart Bloomer Construction conveys a deed to 758 Riverview Rd. Clifton Park New York. To Jeffery Alan Dunser for one US Dollar. This property has been also described as lots 29 & 30 Riverview Landing Clifton Park New York.
11/09/1988 Jeffery Dunster and his mother Margaret borrowed $370,400.00 USD from Citicorp Mortgage using their New York property as collateral
12-22-1992 (prior to)  W. Lawrence Clapp assumed ownership of the property known as 91 Coelho Way, Honolulu HI and it appears that the value of this property was in excess of two million dollars. Clapp procured loans on this property in excess of two million dollars. At this point , research has not indicated who Clapp purchased the property from or when.  The Hawaii Bureau of Conveyance has no records on this property prior to 1992. However there are indications that at some point in time the Hawaiian Bishop Estate may have been involved in this property.  Lawrence Clapp has since died and with his death whom he purchased the property from has become irrelevant.
 12-22-1992 –W. Lawrence Clapp entered into an agreement with Jeffrey Dunster dba Coelho Way Corporation (a November 1992 Cook Islands registered entity) to purchase Hawaiian property 91 Coelho Way Honolulu. This purchase agreement was not immediately consummated by the granting of a deed to the Coelho Way Corporation.(herein referred to as the ‘corporation’) The agreement stipulated that here was to be a $200,000.00 cash down payment to Clapp and that the purchaser (Dunster dba Coelho Way Corp) would assume three mortgage loans secured by the Coelho Way property.
                Liberty Bank loan number H17932 in the amount of         $1,081,790.21
                Liberty Bank loan number 11909132 in the amount of         $196,589.06
                GECC loan number NR12385 in the amount of                    $1,178,794.31
                                                                                                            Total:     $2,457,173,58
                Cash down payment……………………………………………………   $200,000.00
In addition the agreement stipulated that the seller (Clapp) would be responsible for removing a Federal Financier Lien. (amount unknown) The Dunster/Clapp agreement to purchase stipulates that when the above listed mortgages were paid in full, a deed clear of encumbrances would be provided to Dunster.
In the meantime Clapp agreed to grant Dunster (Coelho Way Corp) quiet possession of the property.
 On December 22nd, 1992 Dunster, as signor for Coelho Way Corp, granted himself personally total power of attorney for the control of the property 91 Coelho Way, Honolulu HI.
According to Natalie Dunster, in a 1997 divorce court  proceeding against Jeffery Dunster, the mortgages assumed on the 91 Coelho Way property were paid in full within 3 years of purchase.dunser
                “He {Jeffrey Dunster} put the title to our home in the name of a foreign corporation which he  called Coelho Way Corporation rather than using Komatsu Investments Limited. He advised me that we didn’t want to put too many of our assets in any one place as the foreign corporations,  although they operate on Defendant’s instruction may get “tempted• if we had too many of our assets in any one place. So Coelho Way Corporation was “born”. We purchased the home on an  Agreement of Sale assuming all of the debt of the Seller which was approximately $2.6  million.{USD} Defendant told Plaintiff that he hoped to pay the notes off in less than two  years. It took about three and a half years.”
03/03/1996  Jeffrey Dunster deeded the NY property to Jian Ye Group Ltd for one dollar.
05/31/1996 Lawrence Clapp granted a ‘tenant in entirety’ deed to Jeffrey Dunster via the Coelho Way Corporation. Clapp stipulated in this deed that the property could not be sold or transferred within 10 years of May 31, 1996.  This date would be May 31, 2006.
There are no known further documents available in the Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances relevant to this purchase of property by a foreign corporation (Cook Islands entity Coelho Way Corp) until 05/03/2007. However there are document indications that support Natalie Dunster’s March 4th 1997 divorce court statement that her then husband Jeffery Dunster was funneling money into not only the Coelho Way Corporation but other off shore entities. These entities tied to Jeffery Dunster were discovered in the documents released by the “Panama Papers”.  Natalie Dunster’s statement is verification of ongoing money laundering by Jeffery Dunster from the date of his purchase of 758 Riverview Rd. Clifton Park New York in 1988 until present. It’s documented in more detail later in this document.
06/17/1996 Jeffery Dunster paid off the loan on the New York property to Citicorp Mortgage.
October 1996  Gary Victor Dubin returns to Hawaii after serving 19 months in prison.
Certainly the constant withdrawing of high volumes of cash via ATM is a demonstration of traditional money laundering activity.
12-16-1999 Saratoga County NY files tax lien on 29 Riverview NY.
08- 26- 2004 The Jian Ye Group Ltd granted a deed to the 758 Riverview Dr. Clifton Park New York property to Jeffery Dunster’s mother Margaret Dunster for the amount of one dollar USD.
In Natalie Dunster’s March 1997 statement she states, in response to Jeffery Dunster’s claim that he had $40,000 annual USD, a $115,500 accounts receivable that was offset by accounts payable of $95,500 and that the total balance of his bank accounts was $215.00. Interestingly he claimed possession of almost 10,000 in cash.
In her sworn statement Natalie Dunster stated:
                “Defendant {Jeffery Dunster} wires money into our Hawaii accounts from our “overseas  accounts as he needs it. But only enough to pay current bills. Plaintiff {Natalie} needed to have some funds to retain an attorney as divorce seemed evident and on February 7. 1997, there was money in the accounts. Defendant’s {Jeffrey} statement in his affidavit regarding Plaintiffs withdrawal of funds are very misleading  when he speaks in terms of the parties’ available cash   or credit  lines without regard to the serious financial consequences caused by   such conduct”. “The amount of $14,500 withdrawn by Plaintiff on February 7, 1997 is a very small amount of money at the Dunster Estate.”
                “In addition to wire transfers of funds from foreign corporations. Defendant  also draws cash from his foreign corporations through a bank machine. He withdraws $2.000 per day on the  average of 3 to 4 times per week depending on what his cash needs are. Most of the time he sends Plaintiff {Natalie Dunster} to withdraw the money. This has been going on for at least two   years.”{1995}
                 “On average, about $24,000 per month in cash comes out of bank machines. Defendant {Jeffery  Dunster} uses some of the money to pay the workers at the house who average $6,000 to $10.000 per month and are paid in cash .Defendant gives Plaintiff small amounts of cash to buy  groceries. And other purchase needs she has. A typical example of how the cash is used is when Defendant paid his nieces school tuition in cash, approximately $7,800 total. Two payments were made; one in August 1996 and the other in early 1997.”
The attached {court} Exhibit 7 further illustrates many examples of cash expenditures.. “In addition to Defendant using the bank machine {ATM} to withdraw cash. Darrell Fox {Jeffrey’s employee} also would use this same card to withdraw cash. Defendant and Mr. Fox refer to the card as ‘Mr. Magic’, often kidding, ‘Did Mr. Magic work today?’ Sometimes when they withdrew too much too fast, the card would not work for a few days.”
                “Defendant’s affidavit contains statements that are untrue in whole and in part. I am concerned  that Defendant will attempt to move assets, or has already done so, to avoid the assets being discovered in these divorce proceedings. Defendant’s request that she {Natalie} be restrained from interfering with his business is a very important point.” “Defendant knows that it is imperative to get statements from individuals that he has worked with that would support the truth about the foreign corporations and trust which were established and are totally controlled by Defendant. Defendant’s request for a restraint here is not warranted and only meant to keep me {Natalie} from obtaining information relevant and essential to these divorce proceedings.”
                “Defendant’s statements regarding income and expenses are not accurate. If his comments are  read literally, most of what he is saying is true. He does have a management contract for our home at 91 Coelho Way, employment agreements etc. However, the complete truth is that he totally controls the foreign trust /corporations from which the money comes and to which the assets belong. Basically, Defendant negotiates with a new public company for ‘investor  relations’ work. He {Jeffery Dunster} gets paid in stock for his promise to promote and ‘create’ a public market for the stock of the company. He closes the deal in the name of his foreign corporation, Komatsu Investment Limited. Defendant then uses the stock the Komatsu is given to solicit the support of  various stock advisers, investor newsletter authors, investment talk  show hosts, etc to ‘promote’ the stock. Demand for the stock is created, the stock starts trading, the price goes up and Defendant is able to turn the stock he/Komatsu was given into cash. Defendant then has Komatsu pay Financial Telesis, Inc. a Hawaiian Corp and then FTI pays  him.{Jeffrey} Defendant explained the entire foreign corporation/trust plan to me before, during  and after he {Jeffery Dunster} set it up. He told me that it was all legal and it would protect our assets and that all the smart people were doing it. I should have realized that what he was doing might affect me in a negative way if we were to become divorced. Defendant discussed with me, on an almost daily basis, how much money we were making. Since Defendant dba Komatsu receives large amounts of stock to ‘promote’ the companies he works for, when the market heats up and demand is created, it gets really exciting as the attached statements from Global Securities reflects. (See Exhibit 4 (folio) attached hereto). For example on December I, 1992 we earned $20,915, the next day $16,797.50, and the following day   $42,700. Our best day for the month was December 10, 1992 where we earned $74,796.88 We   moved into our home at 91 Coelho Way on December 7, 1992.”
03/31/2004 Jeffery Dunster loaned $313,634.34 to Jian Ye Group Ltd, secured by the NY property.  Payments were interest only and  the note became due on March 15, 2007. Logically and according to Mrs. Natalie Dunster the Jian Ye Group is in fact Jeffery Dunster.
08/23/2004 758 Riverview Rd New York was deeded to Margaret F Dunster by Jian Ye Group Limited. The deed was transferred for the amount of one-dollar USD. The property value is estimated at between $600,000-$700,000 USD. The deed was subject to a Mortgage held by Jian Ye Group (Jeffery Dunster) in the amount of $313,634.34
05/31/2007  Abruptly in 2007 the Hawaii Bureau of Conveyance indicated that the NUU Corporation, {a defunct Dubin  Nevada shell Corporation represented by Long Vu who was a lawyer working for Dubin}, granted a deed conveying ownership of the 91 property to Gary Dubin dba Green Tree Properties LLC.  {a Nevada shell corporation.} Nevada records indicate the registered agent for Green Tree Properties is another Nevada shell corporation, Silver Shield Services Inc. There is no Hawaiian Bureau of Conveyance document indicating a deed transfer of ownership of the 91 Coelho Way property to the NUU Corporation. It is later determined that Gary Dubin is or was the creator and signor for both Green Tree and Silver Shield Corporations.
 In any event it seems the transfer of deed was the result of the sale of the 91 property for ten dollars USD to Dubin dba Green Tree Properties. A freedom of information request has been filed with the Hawaiian Bureau of Conveyances asking for all documents relating to the 91 and 51 properties. We have been informed that the Hawaii Bureau of Conveyance does not have any such conveyance from Dunster dba Coelho Way Corporation to the NUU Corporation.
06/14/2007 Wells Fargo Bank recorded a mortgage on the 91 property in the amount of two million dollars USD.  Recently a telephone call was made to the Wells Fargo Fraud department.  The Wells Fargo representative refused not only to provide information as to the person or entity their two million dollar loan was granted but was not interested in any new information as it relates to the mortgagee on the 91 property.
01/28/2009 The Coelho Way Corporation was officially inactivated from the Cook island’s registry two years after ownership changed from the Coelho Way Corporation to Dunster via the NUU Corporation.
04/20/2010 According to an affidavit request for a Grand Jury investigation presented to Federal Court in January 2016 on April 20, 2010 Gary Victor Dubin was referred to client Dr .Leonard Horowitz, by Gary Zamber. Dr. Leonard Horowitz was the victim of an illegal foreclosure by lawyer Paul Sulla and Dubin was hired to stop the foreclosure.  Horowitz later learned that Dubin was Paul Sulla’s law partner. Dubin told Horowitz he would file a motion for Injunctive Relief and  Horowitz paid Dubin $6,000 to do this. But Dubin breached his contract, and never filed anything to stop Sulla’s foreclosure. It appears that Dubin conspired with Sulla. Horowitz later learned about Dubins prison term and conviction for tax evasion.
 March, 2012, DCCA press release announces the revocation of Dubin’s mortgage licenses and $1000 fines for Dubin personally and for Dubin Financial LLC. The same release also announces revocation for Paikai-Sylva and a $25,000 fine.
Not previously mentioned: Paikai-Sylva was a mortgage solicitor working with Dubin Financial and with her help, Dubin Financial had engineered fraudulent mortgages on a house owned by a Mililani woman and a Waipahu home owned by her daughter.
As part of the scam, Paikai-Sylva’s personal home was mortgaged to Dubin Financial and later Dubin foreclosed.  The Paikai-Sylva house was quickly transferred from Dubin Financial to “JV Recovery,” a Dunster company registered with DCCA in 2008 and administratively terminated in 2012. According to DCCA, the sole “manager” of “JV Recovery” was Jeffery Alan Dunster..
Hearing Officer’s Findings of Fact … in the matter of the Mortgage Solicitor’s License of Sara Paikai-Sylva.”  We are using only the first names of victims Jasmina and her mother, Gladys.  Here are the details:
                1. ln 2005, Jasmina and her mother, Gladys, approached Sara Paikai-Sylva (Respondent) about  refinancing their mortgage on property owned by Jasmina, located REDACTED (“Waipahu Property”).
                2. Both Jasmina and Gladys had worked with Respondent successfully in prior mortgage loan  transactions when Respondent was affiliated with Wells Fargo Bank.
                3. In 2005, Gladys was the owner of property located at REDACTED (“Mililani Property”).
               4. In or about October 2006, Respondent directed Gladys and Jasmina to stop paying the mortgage on the Waipahu Property because Respondent was going through lenders to refinance their mortgage on the Waipahu Property.
                5. Respondent assured Gladys and Jasmina not to worry about the statements and calls from the mortgagor for the Waipahu Property that their mortgage payments were late; that Jasmina had up to a year to not pay her mortgage loan because the lender would not foreclose on the property; and that Gladys and Jasmina did not need to return calls from the lender as Respondent was in contact with them and had notified them that she was working on a                 refinancing plan.
                6. When they were unable to secure a loan for the Waipahu Property, Gladys and Jasmina grew desperate and feared that they would lose the property.
                7. On or about June 29, 2007, Respondent contacted Gladys and Jasmina and asked for their help in refinancing Respondent’s own mortgage.
               8. Respondent informed Gladys and Jasmina that Respondent’s mortgage lender was foreclosing on Respondent’s home.
                9. Respondent told Gladys and Jasmina that Respondent would help them refinance both the Waipahu and Mililani Properties to lower their monthly payments provided they agree to help Respondent out of the impending foreclosure of her property.  Respondent told Gladys and Jasmina that her situation was urgent and that she needed them to go to Dubin Financial, LLC (“DFL”) right away.
                10. Respondent told Gladys and Jasmina that Respondent intended to refinance her loan with DFL.
                11. Respondent told Gladys and Jasmina that the only way DFL would loan Respondent the money was if Gladys and Jasmina’s properties were used as “insurance” for Respondent’s loan.
                12. Respondent informed Gladys and Jasmina that they would execute quitclaim deeds to their respective properties to DFL but that DFL would not record the deeds and would hold the deeds  until Respondent could refinance with another lender.
                13. On or about June 29, 2007, Gladys and Jasmina and Respondent met with two representatives of DFL, Richard Lindberg (“Lindberg”) and Jason Hoopai (“Hoopai”) at the offices of DFL to discuss the terms of Respondent’s loan.
                14. Lindberg and/or Hoopai presented Gladys and Jasmina with a one page document entitled, “Term Sheet”, dated June 29, 2007, that listed the terms of the $600,000.00 loan from DFL to Respondent.
                15. Hoopai, Gladys and Jasmina and Respondent went to the offices of First American Title Company, Inc. (“First”) later that day, where Gladys and Jasmina signed promissory notes, mortgages and quitclaim deeds establishing that Gladys and Jasmina had borrowed money from DFL.
                16. The promissory notes and mortgages signed by Gladys and Jasmina indicated that Gladys and Jasmina were each borrowing $150,000.00 from DFL.
                17. Neither Gladys and Jasmina received any monies from this transaction.
                18. In or about June 2007, Gladys and Jasmina were informed by the lender for their Waipahu   Property that their account had gone into foreclosure.
               19. On or about July 5, 2007, Respondent informed Gladys and Jasmina that they would need to re-execute the DFL mortgage documents and notes to reflect a name change by Jasmina and a new date to pay off the amounts that Respondent owed under her loan.
                20. Respondent informed Gladys and Jasmina that if they did not re-execute the documents that day, Respondent’s house would be foreclosed upon. Respondent and her husband drove Gladys and Jasmina to First that day.
                21. At First, as Gladys and Jasmina attempted to review the documents, Respondent informed them that they did not need to review the documents as they were the same documents that they signed on June 29, 2007 except for the name change and change in pay-off date.
                22. Neither Gladys and Jasmina was provided with copies of the documents they signed on July 5, 2007.
                23. Unbeknownst to Gladys and Jasmina, the terms of the loan as contained in the mortgages and/or promissory notes they signed on July 5, 2007 changed the amounts that Gladys and Jasmina were borrowing from DFL from $150,000.00 each to $600,000.00.
                24. At no time did Respondent disclose this change to Gladys and Jasmina.
                25. After signing the documents on July 5, 2007, Gladys and Jasmina spoke a few times with Respondent but Respondent took no action to assist them in refinancing the loans on their properties. Respondent told Gladys and Jasmina that the DFL loan was now their problem. Respondent subsequently disappeared.
                26. Respondent subsequently defaulted on her loan from DFL.
                27. As a result of Respondent’s default, a quitclaim deed that had been signed by Respondent and her husband on July 5, 2007 deeding property located at REDACTED to DFL was recorded by DFL with the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances on or about March 20, 2008.
                28. On or about June 20, 2008, DFL transferred by deed the property located at REDACTED to a third party.
                29 Hawaii Land Court records show that ‘third party’ was Jeff Dunster’s JV Recovery, LLC.  Hawaii Land Court and Oahu TMK records show that the Paikai property was a condominium in Mililani Gardens 2.
                30. Sara Paikai-Sylva was incarcerated in a Nevada State penitentiary after being convicted on Nevada State charges relating to identity theft and credit card fraud.
01-15-2016 Internet postings reveal that in January of 2016 Gary Dubin is among numerous other Hawaii attorneys who were named as defendants in a citizen’s request for a Hawaii Federal Grand Jury RICO investigation. Surprisingly the investigation was squashed by Federal Judge John Michael Seabright. This citizen’s request contained court information obtained from court records about Dubin’s alleged criminal activity in Hawaii dating back to 2004 in an alleged land deed fraud. In this case Dubin was teamed up with another Hawaii lawyer Paul Sulla Jr.
On January 31, 2017 One year after Judge Seabright squashed the Grand Jury Investigation, Gary Dubin dba Green Tree Properties borrowed $500,000 from his associate Greg Kamm’s 401K using the 91 Coelho Way property as security for a mortgage second to the Wells Fargo $2,000,000 loan.
11-20-2018 Dubin dba Greentree Properties files a law suit against Dunster dba Legacy Hardwoods.
01/14/2019 Bureau of Conveyances response to FOI. “There are no conveyance records on the 91 Coelho Way property prior to 1992.”
Throughout this extended period of time Jeffrey Dunster and his family lived at the property located at 91 Coelho Way, Honolulu HI. Dunster continued uninterrupted possession of 91 Coelho Way and continued his association with his lawyer Dubin who both used the Coelho Way property for business purposes while it was Dunster’s residence.
Since Dunster’s wife testified in her divorce case it is apparent that Jeffrey Dunster has become more sophisticated in his efforts to protect and hide his money. He has formed more off shore accounts and has conceived ways of transferring income filtered through numerous national and international entities. According to Natalie Dunster’s divorce testimony her husband Jeffrey realized that laws were being broken or skirted when making international money transfers:
                “Discussion of divorce and settlement amounts had been ongoing for the past year but intensified in the past few months. Defendant{Jeffrey Dunster} continually threatens Plaintiff  Natalie Dunster}saying that he is totally in the driver’s seat and she had better listen to him and take whatever he is willing to give or she will receive nothing. Defendant constantly reminded Plaintiff that all of their assets were hidden and that no court will ever be able to prove that he has earned millions and really owns their home.”
                “Defendant claims to earn an average of $35,00 to $40,000 per year in his affidavit. It will take some time for Plaintiff to bring forth sufficient evidence to establish that Defendant and Komatsu and Unity Chapel are one and the same and in fact Defendant’s foreign corporation, Komatsu Investment Limited earns well over $100,000 per month and that our home in Hawaii and our home in New York are assets that were purchased by Defendant with funds earned during our marriage. However, even a partial illustration of our expenses and expenditures for the past two years excluding our home and car payments that are funded by our foreign  corporation, clearly shows that we spend far in excess of the amount Defendant claims we earn.”
                Defendant {Dunster} is paranoid about his phones being ‘tapped’. He very seldom signs correspondence and directions to transfer funds. He often destroys documents and “purges” his computer.”
We have been contacted by an informant who has, historically, had a close relationship to Jeffrey Dunster and his businesses. This informant desires to remain anonymous and explains a past and possibly current modus operandi.
                “He {Dunster} is moving money from HLH LLC to HLH Inc. then to Ecotech Nursery and likely not reporting profit on Ecotech. He deposits money first to Ecotech for product invoicing that Ecotech did not pay for and he defaults on rent payments and other service payments.”
                “Dunster transfers money from one of the ‘off shore’ entities into Unity Chapel, a US  Corporation. Jeffrey Dunster was using Unity Chapel has a sham to get money to the wife and  kids during the divorce (e.g. obtain 501c3 Charitable tax deduction through a donation to the church) at 91 Coelho Way.”
                “Millions of dollars are moved to an “HLH Client trust account” from timber sales but these millions are not reported in credit checks. Dunster does not report those millions earned in his company earnings and cash flow statements or in Divorce records. Dunster reports $500 K as assets of his nonprofit which he reports is “art” which does not seem accurate compared to court records.
These deceptive efforts to subvert the United States Tax laws by Jeffery Dunster and later further enabled by Fox and Dubin have more likely than not, continued with-out interruption from 1988 until present. It’s also more likely than not that the cases mentioned here are just scratching the surface.
During the initial time Dunster purchased the 91 Coelho Way property and after, Gary Victor Dubin was incarcerated for Federal Tax evasion. Soon after Dubin’s jail time, he purchased 91 Coelho Way from Dunster using two shell companies, the NUU Corporation and then Green Tree Properties. We have not located a record of a transfer tax being paid when Dubin’s law partner Long Vu sold Dunster’s house to Dubin for ten dollars. But while Dubin was in prison and after, as previously exp-lained, Dunster used the 91 Coelho Property as his residence and for several busin-esses for over a decade. Gary Victor Dubin is now the current owner of 91 Coelho Way and most likely has transformed Dunster’s subversive financial matters to a new level.
Something recently occurred that caused strife in the Dubin/ Dunster relationship. There was the emergence of James H Hall in the alliance. On November 20th, 2018 Dunbin dba Greentree Properties filed a law suit against Dunster dba Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods. Greentree Properties was attempting to evict Dunster from 91 Coelho Way. The court documents indicate that James Hall is the manager of Green-tree Properties and  he apparently surprised Dubin with a notice to vacate the  Coelho Way property. Dunster claimed no notice was served , he was completely surprised and that Hall had no known connection to Greentree Properties. Dunster stated that Dubin was ignoring his attempts to make contact.  Despite Dunster’s objections Green Tree Properties prevailed  Interestingly Dubin states that he sold Greentree Properties to James Hall and that included the property 91 Coelho Way.  The court documents do not include a transfer of deed. In his declaration to the court Dubin states.


                I, Gary Victor Dubin, hereby declare:
                1. I make the following statement based upon my own personal firsthand knowledge and good- faith belief.
                2. I was the sole Member and owner of Greentree Properties, LLC, a Nevada limited liability  company (“Greentree”) from its formation in 2007 until just before this ejectment action was filed.
                3. I have, in that capacity, been the sole guarantor of over $2,000,000 in mortgage loans on 91  Coelho Way, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 (“Subject Property”), timely paid solely by me, together                exclusively with all hazard insurance payments and all City and County real estate taxes also paid      for Greentree, solely by me, for the past eleven years, since 2007.
                4. Prior to this lawsuit for ejectment having been filed by Greentree, I sold Greentree and the      Subject Property to James Hall.
                5. At that time, I informed my agent for service of process in Nevada, who handles for me all      state reporting requirements, of the sale of Greentree to Mr. Hall.
                Attached as Exhibit D is a true and correct copy of the letter.
                6. I thereafter received notice via email from Greentree’s agent for service, that pursuant to        Nevada law, the change of ownership is not required to be reported until the time of the next       annual report. A true copy of the email is attached as Exhibit E.
                7. Based upon my firsthand personal knowledge, Mr. Hall was (and remains) ,the sole Member  and owner of Greentree and the Subject Property since before the time this ejectment action was filed by Greentree, with full, exclusive, and superior title.
                8. To any extent needed, I hereby fully ratify all actions by Mr. Hall taken in these proceedings to acquire possession of the Subject Property, as is consistent with my contractual sale obligations to him.
I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
DATED: Honolulu, Hawaii; November 21, 2018.
Dubin is licensed to practice law in Hawaii and California but has been skirting the loss of his license to practice law in California and Hawaii since 1999 to present day.  On February 7, 2019 the Board of the Hawaii Office of Disciplinary Counsel voted to disbar Dubin. In California, Dubin was found guilty of legal misconduct by the California Bar Association and given Public Reproval with duties.  Dubin has been convicted for Federal tax evasion having spent nearly 20 months in a Federal prison facility although that conviction was reversed later by the Supreme Court. Dubin also lost his Hawaii principal and professional mortgage licenses for not disclosing his felony conviction while participating in activities with JV Recovery, a Jeffrey Dunster owned business. It’s alleged that Dubin and Dunster were involved in a foreclosure scam that cost mortgage broker Sara Paikai-Sylvia her mortgage licenses and this is when  Dubin lost his mortgage licenses.
Dubin was also named defendant in the WeCorp Ponzi Scheme prosecuted by the Commodities Futures Trade Exchange. Funds were obtained by Dubin for his enterprises via loans on the 91 Coelho Way property, rather than legitimately selling the property therefore likely avoiding payment of appropriate transfer taxes that would be due had the property had been sold for its actual value. It’s logical that of the 2,500,000 USD Dubin borrowed on the 91 Coelho property a portion of the proceeds went to Jeffery Dunster.  Hawaiian Bureau of Conveyance records, document property transfers of ownership of the 91 property but have no Hawaii Bureau of Conveyance documents that indicate who the NUU Corporation purchased the 91 Coelho Way property from. It’s most likely that it was purchased  from Jeffrey Dunster dba Coelho Way Corporation Inc for an undisclosed amount of money.
This information indicates an attempt to cloak ownership via numerous legal entities that not only cloaked property ownership but cloaked persons and or entities using the property as security for loans.  It also indicates that there is a partial lack of historical records of owners and or entities even in the case of more recent transfers of ownership.  Some of the transfers of ownership were legally recorded in the Hawaii government system and some claimed transfers were not.
Of importance is the fact that original ownership of the 91 Coelho Way property seems to have been the Bernice Bishop estate aka Bernice Abner Paki and or affiliated Bishop Foundations.
Contact can be made at:
The investigators
Recent discovery 1-7-19
Coelho Way Corporation and its affiliates appear in the Panama Papers and the Offshore Leaks Database, produced by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), the “largest data leak in journalistic history“.  This treasure trove of information “strips away the secrecy that cloaks companies and trusts incorporated in tax havens and exposes the people behind them” claims ICIJ.   Some of the world’s wealthiest are featured here– dictators, lawyers, asset managers, accountants, war criminals, billionaires, tax cheats and other criminals and some currently face indictments or long jail sentences for crimes related to wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice, and other unlawful activity.
Coelho Way Corporation’s presence in the leaked Panama Paper files is timely.  In December 13, 2018, the first American, Robert Gaffey, and his accomplices, faced indictment by the US Department of Justice for concealing assets and investments and the income generated by those assets and investments.  The IRS claims Gaffey and his cronies “hid taxable income through fraudulent, deceitful, and dishonest means”–all activities exposed by the Panama Papers.
So take note, these are a handful of FIRST Americans to be exposed, and the FBI and IRS predict there are many more.
us first
The story of Coelho Way was first exposed in June 2013 in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database produced in conjunction with Costa Rican newspaper La Nación.  The data covers a subset of offshore entities that were incorporated through Portcullis Trustnet (now Portcullis) and Commonwealth Trust Limited, two offshore service providers exposed.
According to the Panama Papers and Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) the Cook Island, Coelho Way Corp (CWC) is a Coelho Way Corporation (id 5740) in the Cook Islands, a common asset protection country that has political ties to New Zealand.  Coelho Way Corporation became part of the International Trust Corporation, existing from 1992 to 2009 with some affiliation to Asiaciti Trust Pacific Limited. Trevor Clarke, a businessman with many offshore accounts, signed Coelho Way’s corporate documents authenticating the company (on file in Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances) giving Jeffrey Dunster, Power of Attorney:



Trevor Clarke is known for creating Cook Islands as a tax haven. Clarke was infamously exposed in the “Winebox Affair” that cost New Zealand at least $1,950,000. Clark was also censured for the “Cola-gate Affair” which involved the skimming of Cola sales in Cook Islands. All of this is unscrupulous activity as Trevor had “no records of his companies paying tax on its considerable annual profits“.

Coelho Way Corporation is further authenticated as a business by Nadine Short according to her signed documents also on file at the Hawaii Bureau of Conveyences, Hawaii.  Nadine is not listed as connected to the CWC in any of the off shore Panama Papers documents, however.
nadine short 6Ms. Short is however linked to many other Cook Islands off shore entities.  Meanwhile, Coelho Way Corporation has since been de-registered from the lists of active Cook Islands entities.  Coelho Way Corp, however, does not exist as a valid Hawaii Corporation. There is a Coelho Way Family Partnership listed in Nevada.  There is no indication that this partnership is affiliated with Coelho Way Corporation or Dunster.

Mr. Iaveta Short, the possible husband or relative of Ms. Nadine Short, is also listed as an authenticating source for the documents. Apparently, they worked together in the same office.  Mr. Short was also caught up in controversy that cost Cook Island residents’ money from their retirement accounts.

There exists a phrase “you are the company you keep”.

Case History Summary

This case was brought to our attention by an anonymous source.  The source provided information that indicated the transfer of property by an off shore Cook Islands protected entity.  The property (91 Coelho Way, Honolulu HI)  is owned by the Cook Islands entity named Coelho Way Corporation and money laundering was completed when money was obtained by loans using the 91 property as collateral.

Funds were in fact obtained via loans on the property, rather than the sale, therefore likely avoiding payment of appropriate transfer taxes that would be due had the property had actually been sold.  Hawaiian State records, however, indicate several property transfers of ownership of the 91 property were consummated via simple deed transfers and there is no known explanation as to how these title grantees came into ownership of the ’91 property’.

Additionally, there is no legal document trail from the original property deed holder Coelho Way Corporation to the entities or persons claiming ownership of the 91 property other than Dunster.  The estimated value of the property is approximately four million dollars (in 2019).  The question is who and why would this property be transferred to many new owners who, in some cases, were shell corporations, all that became dissolved or defunct, for a small fraction of the value?  We realize that there are situations wherein this kind of transfer might be explained as legitimate.

An internet search for documents relative to the 91 Coelho Way property as well as historical ownership provided clues as to the legitimacy of claimed ownership, previous mortgagees and mortgagors, grantors, and grantees.  This information indicates an attempt to cloak ownership via numerous legal entities that not only cloaked property ownership but cloaked persons and or entities using the property as security for loans.  It also indicates that there is a partial lack of historical records of owners and or entities even in the case of more recent transfers of ownership.  Some of the transfers of ownership were legally recorded in the Hawaii government system and some claimed transfers were not.

Of importance is the fact that original ownership of the 91 Coelho Way property seems to have been the Bernice Bishop aka Bernice Abner Paki and or affiliated Bishop Foundations.

The original aforementioned property description was split into four pieces.coelao way tax map

One piece is identified as 51 Coelho Way and the other three are identified as 91 Coelho Way.  It seems that the 91 property was then transferred to a Cook Island entity known as the Coelho Way Corporation. An inquiry was sent to the Cook Islands for contact information of the Coelho Way Corp.  A Cook Island representative response was that the corporation has been terminated.

bernice bishop estate doc search lot 2 (51 coelao way)

Also of importance is the emergence of Jeffery Dunster’s affiliation with the Cook Islands entity, Coelho Way Corporation.  This particular entity is affiliated with many other Cook Islands entities as reported by the Panama Papers project managed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and in fact several of these entities are titled “Jeff Dunster”.

In 1992 there is a document from the Cook Islands entity, the Coelho Way Corporation, giving Jeffrey Dunster the complete ‘Power of Attorney’ in all matters pertaining to the 91 Coelho Way property in Hawaii.dunster off shore accounts  What happened after that is a maze of transference of title, and other documents and two documented loans on the property totaling $2,500,000 USD.  Tax documents suggest that portions of these funds have most likely been converted to Hawaiian Art or artifacts.

During the period beginning in 2004 the participation of other persons and entities affiliated with the 91 Coelho Way property emerged.

After investigating the source, and the persons allegedly involved in the suspicious activities we agreed with the informants suspicions.   This is an ongoing investigation.


The property involved is 91 Coelho Way Honolulu Hawaii and is purportedly worth from 2-4 million US dollars. This property will be referred to as the ’91 property’.

The primary persons being investigated are:

The original owners of the Coelho Way Corporation who have not been verified.  It’s been established that it is more likely than not Jeffrey Dunster aka Coelho Way Corporation (a Cook Islands international corporation) received title from H Lawrence Clapp.  It’s unknown whether or not Dunster is the sole representative. Recent documents provided by the Cook Islands entity records indicate a Coelho Way Corporation secretary is another Cook Island entity that has an address in Germany.

Jeffry Dunster is a Hawaiian business man who specializes in agriculture and commodity trading.

Dunster is listed as having numerous off shore Cook Islands accounts and is listed as an intermediary, having General Power of Attorney, for the Coelho Way Corporation in the leaked Panama Papers project.  Cook Island is known to shelter properties from seizure by other countries, in particular the United States, due to criminal investigations.

Dunster’s wife in divorce proceedings even admitted Dunster was hiding assets in offshore accounts that Dunster believed would go undetected. Dunster’s wife also admitted that Dunster would hide the value of those assets in court documents.

Dunster divorce 1

Dunster is in the agriculture business in Hawaii with Darrell Fox. Fox, according to Dunster’s wife, participated in the acts of  Dunster hiding company assets.Dunster divorce 4

Dunster and Fox traded in commodities until Dunster and Fox’s companies lost their trading licenses. Dunster personal lost his trading license due to alleged violations of effecting sales of common stock at prices that were not fair, failure to maintain minimum required capital, etc, [1].


Natalie Dunster, Dunster’s own wife, explains in court documents the types of activities  Jeff Dunster did that resulted in his suspension (and eventually is expulsion) by the National Association of Securities Dealers.  Jeff Dunster, with premeditation, would affect the sales of common stock by manipulating prices:Stock

Around this time in 1993, Dunster was given also Power of Attorney, for Coelho Way Corporation, using a 945 Kealoulu Way Avenue, Honolulu Address, the personal and professional address for another Coelho Way Corporation.  This corporation is not licensed in HI nor  anywhere else in the United States.

After receiving Power of Attorney for Coelho Way Corporation in 1993 and a deed to 91 Coelho Way in 1996, Dunster filed a building permit in 1997.


building permit

Jeff Dunster later misrepresents, in his signed court documents, that he owns “no” real estate. Below Dunster writes having “none” for the category of real estate:

dunster court documents

Dunster court documents 2

But Dunster’s wife intentionally admits Jeff hides the ownership of his own home on purpose. Below,  Dunster’s wife describes Jeff Dunster’s activity being as “Defendant”:

coelho way corp4

Dunster’s wife went on to say that all the trusts and foreign corporations were established and totally controlled by Jeff Dunster:

Dunster court 3.JPG

During this same period of time, Dunster’s attorney, Gary Victor Dubin was incarcerated (1992 ish) for Federal Tax evasion after losing the case on appeal. This is suspicious because Gary Victor Dubin, following his served jail time, purchased 91 Coelho Way under shell company Green Tree Properties just a week before Dunster’s third divorce.

While Dubin was in prison and after, Dunster used the 91 Coelho Property as his residence and business address for several businesses for over a decade.  One Dunster business at 91 Coelho Way is JV Recovery, a company Dunster worked with his attorney Gary Dubin (See story on this scam).  JV Recovery was sometimes called DJV Recovery in documents submitted to Bureau of Conveyances to likely confuse paper trails.   The other Dunster businesses domiciled here include Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods LLC, Hawaiian Legacy Hardwooods Inc, Hawaiian Legacy Tours, Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative (registered agent address was 91 Coelho Way) and several other companies of similiar names.

Pictured below, Carlie Dunster, employee of Dunster’s company Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods and resident of 91 Coelho Way takes a dip in the 91 Coelho Way pool.


Jeff Dunster and his staff and companies were evicted from 91 Coelho Way in November, 2019.


At the same period of time, Dunster’s companies, including Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods, were simultaneously evicted from buildings on the Big Island of Hawaii at the same time (November 2018) by the leaseholder Kukaiau Ranch.  Dunster’s companies face eviction from the longer term 40 year multi acre leasehold from Kukaiau Ranch on the Big Island via sum possession and trial scheduled to take place in April 2019.


It is not clear why Dunster was evicted from 91 Coelho Way property but the owner/s of the property are behind in roughly $55,000 in late property taxes.

b620b7f9-ca06-40c0-b277-939b1fa8d4f7At same time of Dunster’s fall 2018 eviction at 91 Coelho Way, Dunster’s landlord, attorney, and business partner,  Gary Victor Dubin, was actively facing disbarment proceedings in Hawaii.  Both Dunster and Dubin were the subject of numerous articles in online press regarding their suspicious activities, shell companies, at the same time.  Environment Hawaii, Hawaii Free Press, and other online trade journals and blogs published multiple articles about Dunster and Dunster’s partners’ suspicious activities.  It appears that the move to evict Dunster may be a way for Dubin to distance himself from Dunster’s many legal problems or to distract others from Dubin’s own legal problems with potential disbarment and any liability of the 91 Coelho Property.

The person Dubin replaced Dunster with as tenant at 91 Coelho Way is James H Hall, a dubious character with a nefarious reputation.  James H Hall is an alleged “squatter” who was evicted from his own condo and then from a home of man who “apparently” committed suicide.  Dubin represented James Hall’s right to squat in an appealed case that was unsuccessful.  Whether Hall is a hired gun by Dubin remains unclear but the idea that James H Hall, a formerly evicted squatter can suddenly afford a mortgages and property taxes on a $4 million home is hard to believe. It seems like the nature of James Hall even owning 91 Coelho Way is a mortgage fraud in and of itself. Who wouldn’t love to be the instant benefactor of a $4 million property? But how one qualifies for the mortgage is another issue……

By January 2019, shortly after multiple evictions, Dunster began to distance himself from his own flagship companies, including Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods, a potentially high revenue generating business with dozens of investors.  From 2009 to August 2018, Dunster raised millions of dollars from green philanthropists and investors who paid to plant investment timber trees long-term. Their investments are expected to mature over a 25 year horizon. So even Dunster’s oldest investors are not even half way through the investment cycle.  It is surprisingly that Dunster even took investment funds while he was actively facing multiple eviction proceedings. Dunster has a fiduciary responsibility to disclose these financial hardships when soliciting funds.

But Dunster’s self-promotion of his work now (pictured below), Dunster does not mention Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods LLC as a part of his CV despite his hundreds of investors having invested millions of dollars.   In fact, the only business Dunster links himself to online is Hawaiian Legacy Tours.  Investors of trees with Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods should be concerned about this recent shift–Dunster’s move to distance himself from their own investments seems like a Captain jumping ship instead of going down with it or righting its course.


Contrary to Dunster’s claims in his bio above (pictured, last paragraph above), Dunster’s efforts have not lead to any state, national, and international awards for carbon credit certification.  There are no state, national or international awards given to Dunster or his efforts that we can find.

Meanwhile, Dunster also appears to be self promoting that his business model is growing publicly but secretly the business model is being replicated under different names (possibly). Here Dunster self promotes the business model for Hawaiian Reforestation Initiative using a company bio that is virtually the same used by Ho’Omau Ranch Conservancy.  Both entities employ the same attorney Steven Rinesmith.


Dunster’s time, attention, and resources if further drained, combined with creating competing businesses, will put investors capital in jeopardy. It will inevitably dilute the value of timber produced by HLH in the future and compromise promised net returns to HLH investors.  Hundreds of investors have already pumped millions of dollars into Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods and with Dunster’s two recent evictions, it appears Dunster may not be financially keeping up with his first priority to produce a return on investment at HLH. We hope this is not another Ponzi scheme!

Unfortunately, Gary Dubin is Dunster’s Attorney, business partner, landlord and also owner of 91 Coelho Way who has been involved in a Ponzi Scheme! Dubin is licensed to practice law in Hawaii and California but has been skirting the loss of his license to practice law since 1999 to present day.   In January, 2019, Dubin faced active disbarment proceedings in Hawaii.  In California, Dubin was found guilty of legal misconduct by the California Bar Association[1] and given Public Reproval with duties (i.e. conditions).  Dubin has been convicted for Federal tax evasion having spent 20 months in a Federal prison facility. gary dubin Dubin has also lost his Hawaii principal and professional mortgage licenses[2] [3] for not disclosing his felony conviction while participating in activities with JV Recovery, a Jeffrey Dunster owned business that was involved in a foreclosure scam that cost Sara Paikai-Sylvia her mortgage licenses at the same time Dubin lost his mortgage licenses.


Dubin was a named defendant in the WeCorp Ponzi Scheme investigated by the Commodities Futures Trade Exchange [4].  Dubin is in the process of having his law license now in Hawaii suspended or revoked for at least five active legal complaints in the Office of Disciplinary Council in Hawaii[1].  The office of Disciplinary Council recommended immediate suspension over Dubin’s immediate threat to the greater public.

If you have been harmed by Dubin, it is recommended to file a complaint as soon as possible as Dubin’s disbarment hearings are taking place now (January 2019 ish for up to five months).   The Hawaii State Office of Disciplinary Counsel is managing complaints against Dubin and a short form is all needed to apply.  Victims of Dubin only have two years to complain to be able to access the Attorneys Fund for Client Protection.

Meanwhile, Dubin was Dunster’s lawyer in multiple different personal and professional legal proceedings in Oregon and Hawaii.  Recently, they had since had some sort of falling out resulting in Dunster’s notice to evict from the 91 property where he has lived since and before 1992.

Dubin was also named as a defendant in an affidavit for activation of a Grand Jury investigation in 2016.

Greg Kamm is an associate of Dunster and Dubin and participated in a $500,000 USD loan secured by the 91 property via Kamm’s 401K.

W. Lawrence Klapp is a potential associate of Jeffery Dunster.  Lawrence Clapp is not shown as an officer or representative for CWC on any known documents however he signed as a signatory for the Coelho Way Corporation.  Klapp, since diseased, Sold 91 Coelho Way to the Cook Island entity Coelho Way Corporation in behalf of Jeffrey Dunster in January, 1993. The sales agreement Stipulated that Klapp would only release a deed to the property after the property was paid in full to include three mortgages that totaled over two million dollars. Also in January of 1993, The Coelho Way Corporation formally granted Dunster a power of attorney that granted Dunster nearly total control over the 91 Coelho Way Corporation that included the power of sales, rentals, leases changes of ownership etc:

In May of 1996 Clapp granted the Coelho Way Corporation a ‘satisfaction deed’ to the 91 Coelho Property. This deed  infers that Dunster paid for the property and there was no remaining debt. This could possibly explain why the Cook Island entity Coelho Way Corporation came into being.  The question as to where the Coelho Way Corporation got almost three million dollars to pay Clapp for the property is hidden in the private off shore corporation files. It would also explain why Dunster was personally granted a power of attorney. Dunster now had full personal control of the 91 Hawaii property with no evidence that he paid for the property. Interestingly enough, hidden away in page 6 of the 91 property Deed  description is a ‘no sale for ten years’ clause.

Suddenly on May 3rd, 2007 there is a document registered with the Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances. This document was a deed grant on the 91 property from a since defunct Nevada Corporation, the NUU Corporation to another Nevada Corporation, the Green Tree Corporation for the sales amount of ten dollars. The signatory for the NUU Corporation was attorney Long Vu who worked for attorney Dubin. The signatory for the Green Tree Corporation was and is Gary Dubin. To date its unknown when or how the NUU Corporation came into ownership of the Hawaii property 91 Coelho Way.

Then on June 14th, 2007 there was another document filed re: the 91 property. This time its a property lien in the amount of two million dollars filed by Wells Fargo Bank. Well Fargo would not reveal who the borrower was but presumably it was Gary Dubin aka Green Tree Properties.

Nine years later internet postings reveal that in December of 2016 Gary Dubin is among numerous other Hawaii attorneys who were named as defendants in a citizens request for a Grand Jury RICO investigation. Surprisingly the investigation was squashed by Federal Judge John Michael Seabright.

On January 31, 2017 Dubin aka Green Tree property’s borrowed $500,000 from his associate Greg Kamm’s 401K using the 91 Coelho Way property as security for a second mortgage to the Wells Fargo loan.

Long H Vu is an attorney and work works with Dubin as a lawyer partner at Dubin Law offices.  Long Vu was the signatory for the Shell corporation NUU registered as a Nevada based business.  A reliable source from Dubin’s office indicates that Long Vu is Dubin’s adopted son or close personal friend. Dubin financially supported Long Vu in law school and business school to take over the Dubin Family business.  We have no documentation to prove this personal relationship to be true.   However, a solid ten year long history of Vu working with Dubin while he was simultaneously in law school and business school in Boston supports the theory of a close professional relationship. 

From September 2001 to December 2011, according to Long Vu’s Linked In Profile, Long VU:

  1. Developed, coordinated and implemented case management filing.

  2. Implemented re organizational structure skills

  3. Coordinated a marketing and advertising campaign.

  4. Lastly, performed extensive trial work.

Long Vu earned his MBA from Boston University from 2009-2010 in International Management and studied International Law from 2003-2006 at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa..long h vu

Long Vu’s CV does not mention that he became the owner and manager of Dubin’s hidden properties but Long Vu’s educational training would likely be most useful for this en devour.

Long H. Vu claims to be working now at Transdermal Delivery Solutions in West Palm Beach, Florida.

bureau of conveyances response

response to buerau of conveyances 1-13-19

Several investors and partners of Dunsters have reached out to us.  We have more questions for them than much needed answers.

Consumer complaints can be made to or contact us with feedback or questions.


[1],+Honolulu+HI   Description: Dunster – el, Contractor: Electrical Construction Co Of Hi IncValuation: $400,000 Client: Jeff Dunster, Parcel #: 18006078, Permit #: 399110
coelao full page photo of pro[ comparisonscoelao way combined docs
green tree caelao 2nd mtg to kamm by dubinlawrence clapp signs 91 coelao way deed to coelhoway corporation.91 coelho way mortgage 199691 coelho way mortgage 1996 (1)
green tree properties 2017 mortgagepower of atty to dunster

The Players

Lawrence Clapp

  1. lawrence clapp signed 91 Coelho Way deed to coelhoway corporation.
  2. 91 Coelho Way mortgage
  3. 1996 lawrence clapp signs 91 Coelho Way deed to Coelho Way corporation
  4. .Coelho Way Ccorp docs91 Coelho Way mortgage 1996


green tree Coelho 2nd mtg to kamm by dubindubin’s conviction of tax evasionchronoligical dubin eventsdubin kamm note see insurance requirements (3)dubin’s conviction of tax evasionpower of atty to dunster

dubin kamm note see insurance requirements (3)

Long Vu

nuu corp deed sold to dubin & greentreeslong vu aka nuu corp deed sold to dubin & greentrees (1)

long vu mortgagelong vu nevada business searchlong vu pasted-image-mon dec 31 2018 11_01_47 gmt-0500 (eastern standard time) (2)

Nuu corp deed sold to dubin & greentrees

Gregg Kamm

dubin kamm note see insurance requirements (3)greg kamm 2greg kamm legal doc.greg kammkamm hi business searchmortgage file with hi bureau kamm - green tree


Hawaii Document register power of attorney doc;  from Coelho Way Corp to Dunster dunster recorded docs hi

dunster off shore accounts

court order wcorp hi

dunster off shore accounts


David Louie


david louie rico flow chart in 2016 affidavit

david louie-aloha tower development corp.

Unity Chapel

Off Shore Banking Leaks


Dennis Momyer



3 thoughts on “Dunster, Fox, Dubin, Sulla and Money Laundering

  1. I donated $890,000.00 after being asked by Jeff Dunster and Betsy Maler in September 2018 to Hlri. Was told dont tell my accountant and no public thank you. Added me to sec filing in 2018 without my permission. Tried to con me in real estate transactions but i caught him. I have alot to say about Dunster and Maler and dunsters companies. Jeff is slandering me and saying I am a liar. It is time to get the government involved. Defamation of character and slander is being committed against me.


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